I know exactly what you’re thinking... 

“Oh no, Kervins is wasting his profound wisdom, bottomless well of empathy and wisardly way with words on manipulating people into buying things they don’t need.” 

Fair enough.

Here’s the thing—and I say this with full awareness of how potentially naive and idealistic it sounds—I’ve found that in all too rare cases advertising can be a force for so much more than just selling shit.

Sure, most of it is complete and utter bullpoop. But every once in a while, given the right circumstances and truly well-meaning humans with pure intentions, and bullpoop can be molded (apologies for that visual) into a bullhorn for a powerful message.

An ad that draws the line on a global issue by highlighting a moral double standard. watch it

An ad that makes heroes of people who deserve to be seen beyond the biases some hold about them. watch it

An ad that bridges understanding between humans from opposing worlds. watch it

These are the kind of projects I’m grateful to play a part in bringing into the world.