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But does he social?                                                                               TLDR: SEE MY WORK  ︎  ︎  ︎  ︎  



If you’ve landed here, then there’s a damn good chance you’ve seen my work, loved it, and thought, but can he do social?

I think what you mean (to think) is can he conceptualize across channels, since most of the highlights in my portfolio are above the line/broadcast pieces. Fair enough.

Here's a few oldies but goodies that show how my campaigns have flexed across platforms:

SoloSelfie for BeatsbyDre — if I told you how many celeb/influencer cameo scenes and social captions I had to write for these on the fly, you would  be disgusted.  

Old Spice Level Up Legacy — this bada$$ case study video from Media Monks shows how we threaded the needle between gaming, social, an online film series, and a live activation at ComplexCon for Old Spice. (We went as far as to incorporate an actual family pizza joint — cheesy family portraits on the wall and all — and commissioned full-size working arcade games of our episodes for good measure)

Lebron Re-Established — for Lebron's milestone return to his hometown of Akron, in addition to the big anthem film, we also created a digital map of Akron and pinned the most significant locations with their own social films that told his complete story.

Airbnb First Night's on Us — for this one, Airbnb wanted to support their French hosts because French travelers tended to overlook their homeland as holiday destinations. There was an anthem film, but most of the activations here were made for social (scroll down to the vertical formats).

P&G Athlete films — you likely saw the anthem for this P&G Winter Olympic campaign. But scroll down the list to see the athlete films (which we actually directed and shot ourselves — don’t tell business affairs!) that were specifically made to extend the campaign on social.

Similarly, we made four more bespoke social films making use of the footage from the broadcast film itself: Courage, Pride, Love, and Heart (sounds like we're summoning Captain Planet, I know!)

Montblanc x Peggy Gou — This Peggy Gou film, being the cultural hotshot that she is, was made to engage Montblanc's social following. Scroll down for some fun little GIFs we sprinkled throughout as well.