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Making this spot was maddening, humbling and cathartic. Maddening that it had to be made. Humbling that I got the opportunity to make it. Cathartic making it. Getting the soulful and talented Melina Matsoukas to direct the spot and working with Alicia Keys to cover Sam Cooke was som' like a Black boy's dream. Most of all, I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this work, which marks the very beginning of Nike's 'EQUALITY' campaign over the next several years.

B SIDE (The version of the voiceover no one heard)
Out here it’s different.
Out here skills don’t get me a pass.
Out here my presence is a threat.
My potential isn’t recognized.
Why is it so different out here?
Equality shouldn’t have boundaries.
My value should be the same whether on hardwood or concrete.
My worth should be seen beyond bleachers.
My actions should define me.
Not who I love, or my beliefs.
If we can be a equals on the court,
We can be equals out here.