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Remember that time the greatest player in modern basketball decided that he's won enough championship rings for other cities and it was time to return back to his hometown? We created a milestone campaign for King James and Beats by Dre, that told the story of Lebron's true motivation, on and off the hardwood. The film had over 9 million views in its first week and topped the AdAge viral video chart. Not bad for my first official advertising creds.

We placed an interactive map at the end of the film that let fans dive deeper into each of LeBron's flashbacks.

This is one of the clickable films:

LeBron made a promise to one day put his home town Akron on the map.
We helped him do just that.

We launched this website a day before LeBron's first home game. The site tracks conversations around America's top-trending cities with the goal of getting enough people to talk about #AKRON and thus put it on the map. By the second quarter of the season opener, Akron reached #1 as the top-trending city in America. See the website here.

We released limited edition LeBron posters and shirts to fans going to the Cavs first home game. People waited in line. They were gone in an hour.